Benefits of MBA studies

Why study an on-line MBA?

  • The studies are on-line without useless time spent traveling.
  • You will receive a better job position, grow personally, you will develop a specific plan for the expansion of your company.
  • You have a unique possibility to spread out your tuition into instalments.
  • Choose a topic you need to solve and our tutors and professionals will help you conquer it during your studies.
  • You have access to consultations with experts, who are available to you for the whole year.
  • We protect your privacy, that´s why all written materials are non-public.
  • We are a first-rate Institute in Central Europe with a long tradition and more than 2 090 graduates.
  • We have accreditations awarded by the associations EADL and Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic.
  • We actively support a number of nonprofit organisations.

See what our graduates say about on-line MBA studies at CEMI and select the programme which you see as most beneficial for your career growth.

Testimonials Our Programmes

92% of our graduates state that they moved up one or more positions in the company hierarchy or received a better job offer thanks to their MBA degree.

29% of graduates state that they decided to start a business thanks to their gained knowledge.

33% of graduates made their business more effective.

36% of graduates received a better position in the company immediately after receiving their MBA degree!

90% of graduates received a better job position within 1 year of graduating.

75% of graduates state that getting an MBA degree helped them raise their financial evaluation by 10 - 30%.

60% of graduates got the investment into their studies back within 2 years.

45% got their investment into education back within just 1 year!

64% of graduates mainly appreciate the benefit and practical application of gained knowledge.

42% of graduates perceive a competitive advantage on the job market.

25% of graduates believe that they solved a specific problem or situation in their company thanks to their diploma thesis.







Our students in numbers

MBA studies with us are not limited by age or place of residence. Take a look at various statistical data about our students, summarized in graphs below.

Do you know...

92 % of our graduates state that, thanks to their MBA degree, they moved one or more positions higher in their company hierarchy or received a different job offer. 29 % of graduates even say that, thanks to gained knowledge, they decided to start their own business..

33 % of graduates who have their own business state that, thanks to their MBA studies at CEMI, they got new incentives and broadened their horizons necessary for business expansion or gained a rich spectrum of knowledge that enables them to manage their business more effectively and progressively. Graduates appreciate getting a current viewpoint and a better overview of contemporary trends and news in entrepreneurship.


36 % of graduates got a better position in the company hierarchy immediately after graduation! Within 1 year a better job position was attained by 90 % of graduates.

75 % of CEMI graduates state that getting an MBA degree helped them reach a higher financial evaluation by 10 — 30 %, or they received a different benefit.

26 % high-school graduates  
  74 % university graduates

Investing in MBA studies pays off. 60 % of graduates got it back within two years of graduating. 45 % of them got their tuition expense back within one year!

Graduates mostly appreciate the benefit and practical use of gained knowledge. This is mentioned by 64 % of respondents. 40 % of graduates value newly gained professional and personal contacts and 44 % feel a competitive advantage on the job market. 25 % of graduates believe that they solved a specific problem or situation in their company thanks to their diploma thesis or that they used the conclusions further in their job. Everyone stated at least one benefit which proves that graduates appreciate not only receiving an MBA degree but other applicable advantages in their career as well.

Ages of our students


Under 30 years


31 - 40 years


41 - 50 years


51 - 60 years


Over 60 years

Who are our students

Middle and higher management — 69 %

  • Directors and business owners — 57 %
  • Managers — 43 %

Specialists — 31 %

  • Specialists - business / marketing — 29 %
  • Doctors and businessmen in health care — 18 %
  • Lawyers — 16 %
  • Specialists - economics — 13 %
  • Specialists - assistants — 11 %
  • Mayors and specialists in public administration — 7 %
  • Specialists - safety services — 6 %
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