What is an MBA?

MBA degree (Master of Business Administration) issued in the Czech Republic by CEMI is a non-academic degree, written after name.

Therefore, it is not a replacement for a university degree, but further professional education that helps to enhance the careers of its graduates.

It is the ideal professional education for positions in management, whether you are aspiring to be a manager or you already are one. In some (especially international) companies an MBA degree is a prerequisite for career growth and reaching higher managerial positions. This education is also valued by entrepreneurs or administrative workers.

MBA will open up new job opportunities

Lifelong education is necessary in most fields of life. Growing competition, more demanding requirements from employers, and the general high pressure of today´s lifestyle leads us to a continuous work and personal development, improving our skills and deepening our knowledge. In  recent years professional online MBA studies are on the rise. They meet requirements not only when it comes to the quality and content, but they are also attractive due to their convenience and flexibility.

Due to modern technology today´s day and age offers freedom and flexibility in education. Online form of studies is getting more popular, because it is suitable for very busy people. That is also the case of our MBA studies which provide valuable information needed in management and prepare students for managerial positions. Graduates are fully prepared for working in management, they get a good sense and overview of their studied field.

CEMI MBA degree

What do graduates get?

Career growth, attractive job offers, higher financial rating, new personal and occupational contacts, deeper knowledge, and basically a big competitive advantage on the job market. Those are the basic benefits and also reasons why people study for an MBA. From our survey, focused on the impact of studies on the career of our graduates, we found out that 92 % of them moved up in the company hierarchy by one or more positions or got a better job offer. 36 % managed this right after graduating, most of our graduates (90 %) managed this within one year. It is also not unique that graduates start their own business. That is the case for almost one third of them.

Investing in MBA studies is definitely a path that opens up new opportunities. However, the quality of the studies provider plays a huge role. When choosing your institution be very careful and research your information. Not only from a financial standpoint, because the studies are not the cheapest commodity, but also from the viewpoint of quality and benefits you get from graduating.

A major role is played by an experienced and professional team of tutors, who should provide not only theoretical knowledge but mainly pass on experience from practice. They should be available to students for individual consultations, support them in their studies and help them develop their own activities.  We pay attention to providing internationally applicable knowledge passed on by an international team of tutors, who guarantee reaching a professional level of managerial skills.

Who are our clients?

MBA students

Busy employees or entrepreneurs.

MBA students

Applicants with academic degrees, possibly highschool graduates with managerial experience.

MBA students

People who want to have a better competitive advantage on the job market.

MBA students

Those who want or need to improve their qualification and education.

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